We make games for social inclusion effective awareness social impact

Make raising awareness more fun and effective

We are there for the drivers of small and big changes. With serious games and experiences we move your target audience. We make sure that people experience what you want to learn them. We stir up intrinsic motivation. We cause action!

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Learning through doing

This day and age demands a new way of learning and communicating. Less transmission and more doing.

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Time and cost effective

Raising awareness and education through games is time and cost effective. Games increase involvement.

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Lasting memories

70% of things that we experience, we remember. A serious game experience you can recall years after.

These solutions make national impact!

We are the partner for drivers for small and big changes. Together with customers and users we create solutions that matter. And we distribute those in a big way!

Laaggeletterdheid escape caravan

Low literacy on the map
With “The Great Holiday Escape” you experience how it is to be stuck in language. The caravan travels through the whole country and Escape Suitcases are being used at over 200 locations to raise more awareness.

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Oosterschelde in negotiations

Solving social dilemmas in the Oosterschelde
In collaboration with Studio Inscape, we set up a discussion game in the “Watersnoodmuseum” in Zealand to give everyone a “voice” regarding the Delta Works.
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Escape room 'Foute Centen'

Teenagers more resilient to criminality
Delivering a parcel or being on the lookout for a reward. It seems innocent, but for many young people this is the start of their criminal career. The mobile escape room “Dirty Money” makes them aware of the dangers of criminal activities.

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Curious what we can do for you?

Our approach


Our process is inspired by the design thinking method. This means that we focus on the user experience. In fast iterations we work towards the final goal. We prototype our games and test a lot. With our client, but more importantly, with the target group. We believe this delivers the best result. A result that touches and connects people.

Flexible and reliable

When we carry out our projects, we really think along with you. Not just about the content and the design of the game, but also about its use in practice. We know all too well that this is where the difference is made. And thanks to our weekly project updates, you are always aware of our progress. It’s always clear. So you are worry-free.


Time and again, we are captivated by our clients’ domain and content. Whether it is a large construction project, artificial intelligence or recruiting talent. Thanks to our background at Delft University of Technology, we know how to get to the bottom of issues. Our designers translate your question into an end result that makes impact.

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