Connect teams in a hybrid environment

Working from home and working at the office are being combined more and more these days. Research shows that three out of four prefers to both partially work from home and partially work at the office. Even when there are no COVID measures at play. Hybrid working environments are here to stay, but how do you keep your team connected?

With this question in mind, we started working on a solution. In the Eisenhower Space Program, teams compete in a race against the clock both online and on location.

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Hybride Escape Room 


Public sector

Number of participants

10 to 400 players


Teambuilding, Connections, Priorities, Planning


60-90 minutes



Learning goal: Giving teams a digital and on location teambuilding experience while simultaneously learning about different theories, like the Eisenhower Matrix.

The question Learning how to deal with pressure and setbacks

We all had to deal with it at some point; a schedule that’s too busy and too many things to do. Especially now that working from home and working from the office are being combined. But once you finally get the hang of it, you find an unexpected setback that puts you back at the starting line. Goodbye motivation…

How can we help working people set better priorities and teach them how to deal with setbacks? And how can we make sure both people working from home and from the office can play along?

The solution A hybrid approach

With a need for hybrid working environments starting to emerge, there is also a need for hybrid events, of which hybrid games are a part. The group that plays on location will tackle challenging puzzles while the group working remotely will participate digitally. This all comes with a variety of interactive moments between the two groups. Read more about hybrid games in this blog.

Productie Eisenhower Space Program

A beautiful, filled to the brim hybrid escape room, centered around the Eisenhower Matrix. Together, players will participate in a competitive space race with the goal to reach Mars first. A trip that seems to go without a hitch, quickly takes a turn for the worse. The players need to make decisions, but what is the most important?

The result A space race against the clock

space shuttle orbiting earth planet. elements of this image furnished by nasa

Ready for launch? 3.. 2.. 1.. Lift-off! Over the course of the trip, more and more stuff starts going wrong. By collecting all the information, prioritizing and making the right decisions, you and your team will make sure this trip to space gets a happy ending.

After completing the Eisenhower Space Program, players will know how the Eisenhower Matrix works. They got training to be able to distinguish relevant and irrelevant information in an unfamiliar situation, under time pressure and during a competition. Apollo 13, you better watch out!

“We did the Eisenhower Program with a team of entrepreneurs. It was very interesting to see how such a process works. At the start it took some getting used to, because we have never worked together like this. However, very quickly a logical division of roles and a strong team that got more competitive by the minute arose. We had a talk afterwards, we were surprised how quickly you can form a top team by making choices.”

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Wieger Waardenburg
Marketing Consultant, Fris Online

Do you also want to do the space race with your team?

Do you also want to work together with your team in this hybrid team building experience, or are you curious about our other solutions? We are happy to take a look at all the options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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