Connecting people

Connect people with serious gaming

People make the difference. In the world, but certainly also within companies. Good cooperation and mutual connection is therefore extremely important for an effective and pleasant working environment. With serious gaming, you work actively and interactively on these complex issues. From an energetic and inspiring online meeting to an exciting reorganization.

In an age of information overload, traditional forms of knowledge transfer are no longer effective. Presentations, long brochures or classroom training are dusty and are focused on sending information. The result: knowledge does not stick and the urgency is not felt. And that can be done differently!

How can you use serious games?

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To create awareness

We create a game environment in which you are introduced to new themes in a playful way. From climate adaptation to onboarding.

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To have a conversation

In games you display human behavior rather than socially desirable behavior. We bring abstract theory aliveclose and open up the conversation.

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To activate

In a serious game, the participant plays the leading role in the learning process. Games are a very effective and activating form of learning.

The results of serious gaming

We believe that people make the difference. These complex assignments require a new approach to learning and communication. A process of less sending and more doing!

Information sticks

70% of what we actively experience, we remember.

High return on investment

Learning through serious gaming is both time- and cost effective.

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It strengthens your team

With interactive and cooperative
serious games you strengthen the team spirit.

Relevant cases

Within our team, online collaboration and team building also continue. We are happy to help other organizations strengthen these important concepts. Check out some solutions we connect with below.

Mees Daalder
Graphic designer
Mees Daalder

“Connecting people is more important than ever now that many people are (alone) at home. We bring people closer together from a distance. Through a joint experience, such as a digital game or event, you get to know each other in a different way. They take you out of your daily grind. Besides being good for the mental state of mind, this can also lead to better and more efficient collaborations.

It gives me a lot of energy that I can bring people closer together remotely through our existing and custom products. How cool is it when you see people working together enthusiastically, exchanging perspectives and above all enjoying a product made by you! It is even better to hear that these shared experiences are often referred to.

Another example is De Gouden Koers, which we developed for Alberdingk Thijm College. After playing the game, many phone numbers and Fortnite accounts were exchanged among the students, resulting in possible future friendships!”

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