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Dinner Pensant 2019

Do you also work with various stakeholders, interest groups or other parties on a large project? In short – always working with a group of people who all have different interests? With the TableTool you can visualize these interests and see who deserves a place at the big round table. Do you want to get started? The TableTool helps you and is adaptable to your own company or project. 

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Serious game: development & facilitation


(Water)construction & infrastructure, government

Number of participants

85 persons (6-10 per group)


Area development, commissioning, environmental law, environmental vision


1 – 1.5 hours



Learning objective: Understanding and discussing the different roles and interests in area development in a positive, substantive and interactive way

The question Inspire and connect

How do you hold a strong and substantive discussion about the roles and interests in area developments in a way that inspires and connects? The OGF asked Raccoon Serious Games this question.

During the Dinner Pensant, an annual event for top administrators, this question was answered with the TableTool. More than eighty administrators were put to work with a serious game about roles and interests in complex area developments. Because: how do you get a grip on the interests of all parties at the table? 

The theme of the 2019 edition was the development of complex area developments. Many issues are involved, such as: mobility and urbanization, the realization of a liveable environment, the Environment Act and the transition to sustainable energy.

The solution From abstract to visual

It is difficult to get all the relevant interests in an area development on the table. Think of the interests of a municipality in relation to the province in adding sustainable energy to a new district to be built. And what is the role of residents? With the TableTool the participants immediately start visualizing this challenge. We make the discussion manageable and tangible.  

The stakeholders involved get a table with different chairs of stakeholders. Each participant also receives a set of chips in a unique color to distribute among the chairs as they see fit. This allows us to quickly pinpoint the center of gravity in difficult issues. Who needs to invest? Who is responsible?

Focus on the discussion

The chips bring simplicity and speed to a session. This reduces noise and keeps the focus on the discussion. In addition, the chairs and the sheets form the basis for a balanced discussion in which all points of view are named. The tangible nature ensures that everyone has exactly the same picture in mind. In this way we make visible what stakeholders find important and what they find less important. 

The result Area developments come to life

The TableTool provided a lively and open discussion between the more than eighty top executives of the Principals’ Forum in Construction. Through the game, key stakeholders were identified who were not initially on the radar. 

Because of the visual aspect of the game, it became immediately clear who should or should not be involved in deciding on certain topics or from whom input should be obtained. Participants also discovered that they had often left out parties that had to make substantial investments to make transitions within the construction sector possible.

More grip on complicated choices

The TableTool shows in an innovative way where the discussion gets stuck or who should be at the table for important decisions. This makes the game extremely suitable for various industries that have to work together a lot and have to make decisions. The tool gives a grip on the complex choices that have to be made and shows the interests of each party. 

The participants found it “inspiring and instructive to get to work with the new Environment Act in this way” and indicated that “the search for who is the project owner, looks just like the real world”.

“Raccoon Serious Games provided another special event this year,” says Hanneke Veldhuis, secretary of OGF.

“Good, substantive discussion ensued between the 80 very different clients in the construction industry. Raccoon thought along well to put the theme in the right context and translated this into an interactive conversation.”

Do you also want to have the right conversation?

With the TableTool you can immediately and actively get to work with your colleagues and partners from your ecosystem. The game is suitable for all kinds of complex issues at both social and corporate level. We like to think along with you about the personalization of your TableTool. The tool is developed by Raccoon Serious Games.

We participated in this project!

The development team consisted of Kristel Thieme, Lana Letanche and Jan-Willem Manenschijn. The discussion was guided by 9 table hosts from Raccoon Serious Games and Entrepreneurs Collective De Brouwerij. 

The beautiful photos of the Dinner Pensant were taken by Marco Pauws Photography.

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