Educating young people about the dangers of alcohol

Making young people aware of the consequences of alcohol abuse is a relevant challenge nowadays. The municipality of Westland has to deal with young people and alcohol abuse and wanted to offer knowledge about the negative consequences in an interactive way. Together with Sport HeroesBrijder and the Municipality of Westland, we developed a mobile escape room for the Dutch campaign #FFSERIEUS?! This escape room is the icebreaker to start a conversation with young people about alcohol use.

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Serious escape room


Municipality, schools, society

Number of participants

2-4 players


Awareness-raising, alcohol abuse, youth education 


20-30 minutes


Development: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Learning objective: raise awareness among young people in the age group of 12-14 years old about the consequences of alcohol abuse in order to lower the threshold for discussing the issue

The question Creating awareness

The aim of the campaign and the mobile escape room is to create more awareness among the target group. The target group consists of Westland youths (12 to 14 years of age) and here we focus on the fact that choices they make now will also influence their future. Through the campaign, the young people learn that they are the solution to the problem and that alcohol is not necessary for a party. Because without alcohol you still have a great party.

The solution Young people throw a party

In order to play into the influence and freedom of choice of the young people, the escape room gives them the feeling that they are in control. The goal within the escape room? Escaping from a party which has got out of hand. For this purpose, the youngsters have to reconstruct the party responsibly and redo it safely. In a playful manner, they receive information about the use of alcohol. And at the end, they have to make the crucial choice: booze or soda?

The result Making choices and talking

The mobile escaperoom is built in the back of a van. Two to four players can take on the challenge at the same time. They have 25 minutes to solve the escape room with challenging puzzles. An exciting race against the clock in which awareness of alcohol consumption is created. In addition, the room has an extensive scenography through which players are really part of the story. 

The bus hosts educational activities and is an invitation to an informal conversation about alcohol abuse and how the participants experienced the room.

Do you want to create awareness?

We are happy to help create and spar with you about raising awareness among young people, but also other target groups. Do you need help or do you want to get in touch with us in another way? Then click here


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