Effective onboarding of technical talent

How do you grab the attention of your new employees from day one in order to get started together effectively? Together with Routz we developed an onboarding day for all new employees. And it worked!

Are you a new colleague in the team, or do you often work in projects? An introductory game is a way to start positively and interactively. Do you want to know what we can do for you or how we can use these games for you? Then contact us.


Serious game


Technici & ICT


3 – 15 players divided into three teams


Onboarding & recruitment


1 day



Learning objective: To get to know each other, core values, and the company in an effective and connecting way.

The question Organize the introduction day

“How can you set up an onboarding day in such a way that the core values are central, without us as a company just sending it?” That was the question Routz asked us when she wanted to develop an escape room. The conclusion was that an escape room might not be the right solution, but that a serious game could offer this. For example, we developed a full-day program for the new Routz employees with a set of serious games, where you learn the core values of Routz by experiencing them.

The solution Tailor-made games

The solution is a set of four games, each with its own focus, based on Routz’s core values. Routz employees are competitive by nature and that aspect is reflected in the games. In addition, the employees work in permanent teams. In this way, they get to know each other and Routz better. This is done by playing the following games:

The games simulate business, and customer contact, and, of course, they also provide a lot of fun in the workplace.

The result Multi-purpose

The various games can be used independently by Routz during, for example, meetings, job applications, and sales interviews. The games can be used several times a year for the next five years. This means that cards do not have to be reprinted everytime, and this puts less strain on the environment. In addition, we have opted for quality materials and the game has a luxurious appearance. 

Make your onboarding fun and effective

Get started with your team on a treasure hunt, or let your new employees crack your brain at the Value Pursuit. Or maybe a combination of everything. We’ll make sure it’s completely focused on your company.

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