Escape rooms

Activate your target group with an educational escape room


Escape rooms are an effective solution for connecting people. You are undoubtedly familiar with the classic escape room. A room in which you are locked up as a team and find your way out by puzzling. But did you know that there are many more forms of escape rooms?

An online escape room is useful if not everyone can be present in the same place. A pop-up escape room is easy to set up in any room. And an escape box is a handy challenge that you can take with you anywhere. What do they all have in common? They are incredibly fun and exciting to play!


What can you use (online) escape rooms for?

Raising awareness

We create a game environment in which you learn about new themes in a playful way. From climate adaptation to alcohol prevention.

Conducting a conversation

In games, you show human behavior rather than socially desirable behaviour. We bring abstract themes alive and open up the conversation.

Gegrepen door de inhoud

In an escape room, the participant plays the leading role in the learning process. A highly effective and activating form of learning.

The convenience of (online) escape rooms

We believe that people make the difference in how the world and organisations develop. The complex tasks in the technical sector call for a new approach to learning and communication. A method with ‘sending’ less and doing more.

From small to large groups

Do you want to get started with your team or with the whole company? Our (online) escape rooms come in all formats. We have escape rooms suitable for 10 players, 800 players and everything in between!

From job application to team building

The challenging puzzles, the time pressure and the common goal make escape rooms used in many ways. For example, to recruit new talent, or to discover the qualities of a candidate during a job application. 

Tailored to the right level

The player is central in our games. We develop our experiences at the right level so that each player enjoys the challenge. That way we know that the message really gets across!

Relevant cases

From alcohol prevention to the discovery of (technical) talent. Our hearts beat faster when faced with challenging and social issues. Take a look at some of our (online) escape rooms below.  

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