Experiencing what it is like to be low-literate

The low-literacy escape room seen on TV

In the Netherlands, 2.5 million people are low-literate. Their limited understanding of the Dutch language makes everyday things a big challenge. From signs in a public place or public transport, to administering medication or shopping. What makes this problem especially difficult is the shame associated with it. Research shows that few Dutch people know how big this problem is. It also appears that if people know more about it, they also have more understanding of it. Time to take action!

We are excited that we could contribute to a playful action with this escape room.

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Mobile escape room in a caravan


Civil organisations, government

Number of participants

1 or 2 players (from one household) 


Low literacy, illiteracy & reading and writing


10-15 minutes



Learning objective: create understanding and awareness of low literacy in The Netherlands

The question Understanding of low literacy

2.5 million people? That is one in six Dutch people between the ages of 16 and 65. Most of them have difficulty reading and writing, and sometimes also in arithmetic. The extra challenge is that people who are low-literate are often ashamed and do not dare to admit the problem. There is a need for greater understanding.

More and more parties such as libraries and volunteers, care providers, the government, employers and schools are working to reduce low literacy and the stigma surrounding it. BNN-Vara, a Dutch public broadcasting network, also wanted to give this subject extra attention in the ‘Week of Reading and Writing’. But it wanted to do so in a way that moves you. We set out to work with the question: how can we create more understanding for low-literates in a catchy and playful way?

The solution Great Holiday Escape

We developed an escape room with a holiday theme. In the caravan, 1 or 2 players (from the same household) can complete various challenges. However, at one point the players get stuck. The hints they receive are initially unhelpful. “It says so right here!” “Can’t you read?”

Phew, this is what it feels like to be low-literate! The Great Holiday Escape is the perfect starting point for a valuable conversation about low literacy. 

The result National coverage

Through gripping television programmes, a public broadcaster draws attention to social problems in the Netherlands. This also applies to low literacy. We are very pleased that we could contribute to highlighting this problem with our escape room. By letting people experience what it is like to really get stuck.  

This escape room is now also for rent.

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