Getting acquainted with asset management

There is a lot of demand for asset management in a variety of industries. As a result, companies are required to invest a lot in training staff to optimize this process. Unfortunately, there is often not enough time or money for an investment like this. Therefore, we started looking for a solution to this problem. To make training staff more efficient and fun. This resulted in the asset Management Experience.

Asset Management Experience


Simulation co-op game


Asset management

Number of participants

4 tot 8 players


Onboarding, motivation, analysing


30-45 minutes



Learning objective: giving new asset managers knowledge and insight on asset management.

The question Training asset management staff

Asset management is a very broad term, but the core of asset management is to achieve goals (like making a profit) through investments (like purchasing a machine), and the optimization of this process. You are constantly looking for the optimal balance between risks, costs and performance.


So there is a big demand for asset management solutions. However, new employees rarely have the required knowledge and insight on the effects of good asset management. New employees are often not educated in asset management, which forces companies to train them internally. At this moment there is neither the time nor money to do this. Internal presentations are currently being given for this purpose. However, these can be experienced as “bland” and too theoretical. As a result, the subject-matter does not end up being remembered sufficiently. It’s our job to find a more efficient and fun way to train these new staff members, which results in them being able to start working sooner rather than later.


sketch asset management experience

Sketch concept Asset Management Experience

Together with Veerenstael and Ivy Global, we started looking for a way to make training new staff more efficient and enjoyable in order for them to see the bigger picture and what exactly their role in it is. New staff members will be challenged and will realise that their actions and decisions affect multiple components of the process.

The solution Asset Management Experience

The Asset Management Experience is a co-operative simulation game. By playing this interactive game in a group, participants will both bring and maintain their knowledge on asset management.


The game is a simulation of a cookie factory. The cookie factory isn’t doing too well, there are a lot of inexplicable malfunctions and even a number of safety related incidents. It’s the player’s job to invest in the factory throughout multiple rounds. Players need to reach a specific production goal, and of course lower the chance of malfunctions. For example, by investing in data, the player will learn more about the assets of the factory, which in turn helps them make more deliberate decisions. During the game you will work proactively instead of reactively. From extinguishing fires to preventing them.


Players will come across multiple facets of asset management over the course of the game. They will experience how these facets affect each other while actively making decisions for the factory. This way players will learn that some actions influence other components of the factory, which is very important for an asset manager. When players recognize their own work in the game, they will realise that they are part of a bigger picture. Finally players will learn that with limited resources like time and money they need to find an optimum between risk, costs and performance, to set up a well-functioning cookie factory.

Asset Management Experience

The result Get started faster

The Asset Management Experience is still in development at the moment. When it is finished, Ivy Global, Veerenstael and a plethora of others will utilize the Asset Management Experience in their hiring process.


Various tests have shown that players are motivated to work with asset management and bring improvements to their respective companies. Simultaneously they have a better understanding of what their role is within asset management.


By playing the simulation game in a group, starters, mediors and seniors, but also mixed teams, learn more effectively, reflect, and share knowledge. This further stimulates the learning culture within businesses and strengthens them.

“I learned a lot about the different components of asset management and realised its importance while playing the game”

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Do you also wanna share your knowledge through a serious game?

The Asset Management Experience shares knowledge with new and old staff members in the field of asset management. Do you also wanna share your knowledge through a serious game?  Contact  us and we will look for a solution!

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