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Playfully raise and maintain awareness

The Stop Work Authority (SWA) or Time Out Policy promote safety on project sites. However…. having such a policy is one thing, living it is another. That’s where the value of serious gaming comes in. How do we ensure that your managers, personnel and subcontractors speak up when identifying risks?

Temper Risks

In the Danger Dialogues game kit participants do not only practice with the Stop Work policy by stopping (potentially) hazardous situations as they occur, but are encouraged to engage in frequent conversation to temper risks as well.

Discuss Safety

People may have different perspectives on what is safe, and what is not. In these serious games players learn to discuss safety within their team. Engaging in conversations about safety playfully becomes a regular practice.

Address barriers

There are many reasons why people will not speak up in a group. You may think of actors such as influence of hierarchy or insecurity, to the effect of groupthink and the bystander effect. Danger Dialogues effectively addresses these factors.

A world-class partnership

The Danger Dialogues Game Kit was developed and validated in an international consortium of partners to ensure its effectiveness and fit within the industry.

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What is in the Game Kit?

This pack contains two gaming solutions. The game Dare to Repair serves as a powerful foundation for cultural transformation and knowledge about Stop Work policies. The toolbox game Danger Dialogue helps to maintain awareness and proactively temper risks on the work floor.

Maximize employee engagement: learning by doing

Two innovative safety culture solutions in one sturdy game pack

Train-de-trainer program available for in-house roll-out

Available in English and Dutch

dare to repair

Dare to Repair

The goal of Dare to Repair is to make teams more aware of the importance of safety in the workplace and in particular the Stop Work Authority. What are the risks? How do you deal with them? What unconscious mechanisms arise when we are busy, want to meet a deadline or are tired?

danger dialogue

Danger Dialogue

In Danger Dialogue teams discuss different risks that may affect your workplace. It’s a rapid and playful game in which employees bring forward risks and gain votes. The game provides all members of a team a chance to regularly speak up and dynamically identifies key safety issues at play in your company.

Facilitated workshop to connect theory to practice

Co-op board game including a tablet

Train-de-trainer program available

Endless play for maintained awareness

Short and sweet: 30 minutes every 3 weeks

Can be played with or without a facilitator

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Serious Game Stop Work
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