The setup.

We are working from home more and more often. Besides many advantages, this also brings new challenges. For example, in the area of digital security. Cybercriminals are getting smarter all the time. DigiHacked introduces participants to the dangers of, for example, phishing and social engineering. And it emphasizes the usefulness of features like password security and two-factor authentication.

The story.

Creedo Industries is about to make the acquisition of the century. An acquisition that will make them an instant market leader. To complete the deal, a transaction must be made. Time is ticking. There’s just one big problem: the CFO is overworked at home. Your team must ensure that the transaction is completed properly and on time. Unfortunately, a group of hackers also know that the CFO is at home and the takeover news has been leaked. Can your team outsmart the hackers and complete the deal on time?

These organizations already took up the challenge:

  • Make cybersecurity negotiable
  • Recognize methods of cybercriminals
  • Realistic setting and experience
  • Every team member has their own role
  • Fun & useful


DigiHacked combines awareness of digital risks with team building. Players are introduced to the most common methods used by cybercriminals. This makes players more alert to cyber risks and encourages them to adjust their behavior accordingly. By experiencing the importance of strong passwords and two-factor authentication for themselves, the willingness to work with them will increase.

Cooperation is also stimulated. Each team member has their own role, with their own information. Only by working well together can the teams outsmart the hackers.




60 minutes

Number of players

10 - 300 persons




Starting at € 14,95 per player

Do you have a question? Just give us a call: +31 15 - 20 24 772

This is what makes it unique!

DigiHacked offers a realistic setting and experience. Without removing the ‘fun’ element from this online escape room, the player is sucked into the story. The time pressure provides extra tension. 

The game is played under the guidance of one of our hosts. Is a team stuck, or is a team running a little behind? Our host will make sure the teams will have fun and will learn a lot.

Who is this suited for?

The game is suitable for anyone who uses a computer as a tool. Awareness of digital dangers and recognizing cybercrime are the main goals. This may make the game a bit easy for an experienced IT specialist.


Of course we don't want to give away too much... but we do want to give you a good first impression. Therefore, here is a small impression of DigiHacked.

“The employees enthusiastically played the escape game with several groups at a time. The game was also suitable for all ages. The participants of the game were all enthusiastic about the game itself. They also indicated that they were more aware of the dangers and risks of working digitally.”

Player of Kadaster Netherlands


Is the game realistic?

Yes, the game offers a realistic setting and experience. DigiHacked contains several elements that also play a role in the player's daily life.

What do I need to play the game?

The game is played in our gaming environment. The environment is simply accessible from the browser. For mutual contact within the teams it's necessary that teams have a video call open. This can be done via Teams or Zoom, whereby the latter has our preference.

Do the teams play against each other?

Each team plays the game. But there is definitely a competitive element. Not only is DigiHacked played under time pressure, but via a scoreboard players can see in real time which team is performing best.

How big are the teams?

We recommend a team size of 2-3 participants. As a team member, you take on the role of the project manager, the head of marketing, or the head of security.

Can the game be made in my corporate identity?

Yes it can! There are several possibilities to personalize the game. In addition to using corporate colors, we can also personalize the introduction video. We would be happy to discuss your wishes and the possibilities. Feel free to call Bart Markensteijn. He can be reached at +31 15 - 20 24 772.

Is cybersecurity an important topic?

Yes, definitely at the moment. The many home-based workplaces also bring new challenges. Moreover, 95% of successful cyber attacks are caused by human activity. With DigiHacked, players are playfully introduced to the theme and the way cybercriminals work.

Is DigiHacked fun to play?

Yes it is! The theme of cybersecurity may be very serious, but that doesn't make DigiHacked any less fun. Teams are challenged with challenging puzzles and tasks and compete against other teams. The challenge, competition and time pressure ensure that players are often completely absorbed in the game. DigiHacked is therefore fun & educational.

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