The setup.

We have to do ‘something’ with regards to the climate and climate change. But what? Where do you start? The climate issue seems like one big puzzle. And so is this game! In teams players engage with puzzles in which sustainability and cooperation are key. These puzzles in turn provide answers to various climate issues. Fight the Floods is a serious game that strengthens climate awareness. Kickstarting the conversation is the first step towards positive change.

The story.

Welcome to Coasthill. Our city lies directly on the North Sea coast. Because the sea level is rising, we have to give it our all to turn the tide. We could use some help. Will you help us solve the issues that we have? For example by working on a circular economy, the energy transition, or the drainage of water. Can you prevent Coasthill from becoming the next Atlantis, and keep our feet dry?

These organizations contribute to team building with climate awareness

  • Stimulates good cooperation
  • Playable both online and offline
  • Challenge your analytical skills
  • Make sustainability concrete and discussable
  • COVID-proof


Fight the floods is playable both online and offline. Offline provides the most tension and the most exciting experience. This is due to the physical game elements. These do require quite some space. Is that not available? Then you can opt for a more compact version of this team building game.

Did you pick the offline game, but is this no longer possible because of the corona restrictions? We can easily migrate to the online version. You won’t need a plan B any longer 😉


Learning / fun


75 - 90 minutes


10 - 700 players
Starting at 10 players online
Starting at 25 players offline



Form / price

Online starting at € 14,95
Offline starting at € 34,95

Hybrid mix possible!

Do you have any further questions? Give us a call: +31 15 – 20 24 772

This is what makes it unique!

Fight the Floods allows you to engage with the topic of sustainability in a unique fashion. The game shows you:

  • That it can be lots of fun to engage with sustainability
  • That a plan does not exist without its execution
  • That teamwork ensures that we can make an impact right now.

The game is led by our experienced hosts. They ensure the game is exciting from start to finish, and help motivate teams wherever necessary to work together.

Our online experience is just as unique. Participants do not only deliberate digitally, they also take up their individual roles within the game. Like this, we provide team building with maximal impact. Even online.

Who is this suited for?

Fight the Floods is suited for teams starting at 10 people (online) or 25 people (offline). The game is fairly analytical in its setup. Organizations that engage with topics such as sustainability, circular economy, and the energy transition will get the most out of this serious game.

Fight the Floods is perfect for organizations and teams that wish to make an impact and pursue a dialogue on sustainability.


Would you like to get an impression of how the game looks? Then take a look at the pictures below. This serious game guarantees a team building experience which your colleagues will not soon forget!

Beforehand I had my doubts whether or not we would be able to get the whole team on board with this game. We still decided to play it. In the meantime half a year has passed and the game is still a topic during the Friday afternoon drinks. In terms of sustainability we have taken steps. We look back at a fantastic experience

Player from Rijkswaterstaat West-Nederland


How much space do I need?

This depends on the version and the number of players. For the offline version of the game we advise to have enough space to play large puzzles. Depending on the group composition we gladly provide custom advice on this topic.

Can the game be adapted to our house style?

Yes! There are several personalisation options. Why not call Bart Markensteijn? He is available via 015-20 24 772 and will gladly discuss the possibilities.

Is it about learning or about fun?

The accent is on team building. Cooperation is the common thread, from start to finish. In addition to this, we would like to help open a dialogue about sustainability.

How do you deal with potential Covid restrictions?

The game is available both online, offline, and in a hybrid form. Are you going for the best experience, and therefore choose the offline version? Then it is possible that it cannot take place because of the Covid restrictions in place at that time. In that case we will switch over to the online version of the game. We will of course settle the difference in price.

What does my team get from it?

For 75-90 minutes your team is fully dependent on each other. You cannot get more of a team building experience than that! Additionally, you will be helping to make teams more aware in regards to sustainability, and that they themselves are an important part in this and that plans cannot exist without execution.

Is it fun enough as a team activity?

Absolutely! It is even a very unique team activity. Often players will talk about our games for a long time. The game also provides lots of fun memories!

Can I integrate a serious game in a day program?

Of course! You will not be the first that employs a serious game for variety within a larger program. You can discuss your wishes with Bart Markensteijn (015-20 24 772), then we will make it happen together!

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