Discussing the impact of change with your team

Do you also have a profession that is currently undergoing major changes? Think, for example, of new regulations or reorganisations that require your employees to pull out all the stops in order to continue their work. As a company, it is important to be able to go with the flow. This serious game offers tools when it comes to change management and changes within a team. Of course, the game can be fully adapted to the wishes and identity of your own company. 

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Together with Changekitchen we developed the Change Game where employees can only win if they go along with the changing rules of the game. Is your team ready to embark on the change? 


Serious game



Number of participants

4 to 7 participants per group


Change management, behavioural patterns & cooperation


1 – 1.5 hours



Learning objective: teach teams to deal more consciously and effectively with dynamic and changing situations. 


Facts & figures 


Serious game: ontwikkeling & facilitatie 


(Water)bouw & infrastructuur, overheid


85 personen
(6 tot 10 per groep)


Gebiedsontwikkeling, opdrachtgeverschap, omgevingswet, omgevingsvisie


1 – 1.5 uur  


Vanaf €600 per sessie (6-10 pers)

Leerdoel: de verschillende rollen en belangen in gebiedsontwikkelingen op een positieve, inhoudelijke en interactieve manier inzichtelijk en bespreekbaar maken 

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The question Prepared for change

The world changes, and organisations change with it. This can be a difficult situation for employees. They can get stuck or even start resisting the changes. Together with Changekitchen we developed the Change Game. A game in which participants are challenged, but also get stuck in a safe environment. By doing so, they show what happens when they encounter a change in their real life workplace. The facilitator of the game responds by opening up the conversation and translating the situations and feelings into reality. 

We offer the possibility to teach your team to deal with change in a fun and interactive way. You know best how to prepare your team for a major reorganisation or other change. That is why we are happy to discuss how we can come up with a perfect game for your company. 

The solution Change the game

During the game, four rounds are played. The aim of the game is to put as much value into the game as possible and thus achieve a certain score. Just like on the work floor, everyone gets their own task. Each round the score gets higher and you get to know your own role better. Halfway through the game, the game environment changes and so do the roles. Because of this, your role is no longer efficient or relevant to the game. 

Will you go along with the new roles or will you stand still? The facilitator sees your reactions and shows how you deal with changes. Together with the facilitator and the other participants, you evaluate all the reactions and enter into a discussion.

The result Draw outside the lines

At the end of the game, participants learned more about change in the workplace and how to deal with it. Do you go into flight, fight or freeze mode? Or do you quietly go along with the new normal? Perhaps colleagues will recognise each other’s reactions during the game and now know how best to deal with them. 

The participants go home with a practical insight into the changes in the workplace. Colouring outside the lines is important, and by using your own creativity you will be able to find a solution together (or alone). 

The game was applied at the Dutch Railways in cooperation with Changekitchen. They were also enthusiastic about the applications of this serious game


Directly get started directly with change management?

Are you facing reorganisation or are you in an ever-changing workplace? Maybe you want to show your employees that creativity pays off or you just feel like having a creative day with your colleagues? 

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