Online escape room for large groups

Looking for a large-scale online escape room for a large group of people? You have come to the right place! With our digital escape room platform we offer escape rooms for large groups. They can be played by 10, 50, 100 or even 300 people at the same time! Teambuilding or awareness-raising for your department or even for your entire organisation. 

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Digital escape rooms to play online

We are experts in physical experiences, but fortunately have always been supported by a good dose of technology. Due to COVID, we are now doing even more digitally than before. We jumped on the bandwagon and started developing. There are now three 100% online escape rooms and more will follow soon! We make escape rooms in which you really have to work together. Also online.

With a serious touch, but focused on cooperation. 

With our scalable system, we can let large groups of people play. Real-time, so you can all go through the experience at the same time. Fun to play with your department, team or business network. An exciting, original online experience.

Facts & figures

    • 10 to 500+ players simultaneously. We can host up to hundreds at a time, in smaller teams of 3-5 people, competing in real-time for the best time and highest ranking. The minimum number of players for a session is 10 people.
    • Duration 60-90 minutes. The duration of the games depends on the speed of the groups, but is on average between 60 and 90 minutes. Our game hosts can closely monitor the progress of groups and give targeted hints to groups that are lagging behind.
    • Live game supervision. The game is supervised by live game hosts who follow the progress of the game and give groups extra motivation and/or hints when needed.
    • Instant play. The platform, the puzzles and extra information are fully web-based, requiring no installation of software or other materials. The platform runs on all modern browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox).
    • Easy login and team lobby. Every participant can log in with a personal team code that we will provide to you. In the game’s team lobby, players can gather per team in advance. As soon as the groups are complete, the game host can start the game. 
    • orking together via video calling. To host the game, we ask players to set up their own video call for easy consultation. We can also help set up Zoom.
    • Personalisation included. As part of the game, we offer to personalise the starting message in the team lobby and the message at the end of the game. We can also add your organisation’s logo to the online environment.
    • Proven platform. The online escape room platform has been proven successful. At this moment, the cyber security escape room DigiHacked is already running on this platform. This game is used by DICTU for example to increase awareness of phishing and spoofing. We also host weekly multiple runs of The Threatening Water as a team building, onboarding or inspiration event. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Of course, participants do not have to escape literally. After all, they are sitting behind their own computers. However, there is always one overarching task that players must complete within the allotted time.

With the online escape room system of Raccoon Serious Games, we can handle hundreds of participants at the same time.

The duration depends on the escape room you play. Most of our online escape rooms take between 75 and 90 minutes.

Our online escape rooms are available in Dutch and English. Because of this, language is not a barrier and everyone can participate.

This differs per organisation, because the wish is not always the same. Some organisations like to outsource the registration completely, while others prefer to do it themselves. We are happy to look at what works best for you.

Participants can register individually or as a team. Participants who register individually will be put together with other teams. This creates a nice mix where new people get to know each other.

The number of participants per team differs per escape room. We recommend a team size of between 3 and 5 participants.

In all our online escape rooms multiple teams can work simultaneously. Via the scoreboard, participants can see how their team is doing compared to the other teams.

Yes you can. With the online escape room system of Raccoon Serious Games, we follow the progress of each team. We can also export and share this with you afterwards.

Yes, we like to think along about how we can best promote the escape room in your organisation. For example, we have standard videos, GIFs and images that team leaders can share to stimulate participation through all kinds of channels (intranet, whatsapp, mail, etc.).

For the communication between participants during the game, we encourage you to use the standard video call program of your organisation. We have experience with (almost) all platforms and are happy to think along about the setup that suits you best.

Yes, you can. The online escape room is played entirely in your browser. It is not necessary to install any software. Organisations that work with Citrix can also log into the online escape room.

The connection to MORSE is always assured by a valid SSL certificate. This ensures that sent data is encrypted. In addition, participants do not share any personal information for participation. Raccoon may only share anonymous access codes to the platform. Installation of software and/or additional plugins is not necessary. This reduces the risk of malware.

With our online escape room system, participants automatically receive hints when they get stuck. In addition, we can listen in on the video call conversations and proactively provide hints where necessary.

Participants need a computer with a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. They also need a stable internet connection and a way to video call their teammates.

Yes, we actually like to do that very much. Contact us at or call us on +3115 20 24 772.

On average, this takes about 3 months. The exact duration depends on the complexity of the issue.

Yes. The online escape room system of Raccoon Serious Games offers space for the logo of an organisation. We can also easily adjust the colours.

The costs depend on the complexity of the escape room. As we do not want to make any statements about this, it is best to contact us to share the ideas for your project with us.

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