Online team building: getting started with climate change

Climate change is an important theme in every organization.  In ‘Fight the Floods’ a fictitious city is the stage for a playful and serious escape room about climate change and flooding. How will you and your team deal with the pressure, and can you turn the tide in time? This game guarantees a team building activity that provides fun, with an educational note. 

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Online escape room 


Government, business

Number of Participants

From 10-300+ per session (in different teams)


Flooding, climate adaptation, climate migration & sustainability


75-90 minutes


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

Learning objective: to work well together and to learn about climate change and sustainability topics in an accessible way.


The question Climate-aware teambuilding

Climate is important both in government and in companies. Everyone wants to do their part, but how? That is still a question for many. For the Netherlands, the rising sea level is the main problem. We are a small low-lying country surrounded by sea. What measures are relevant to keep our heads above water? Together with your team you will work on the puzzles and eventually find the answers. Sustainability and team building play the main role here.

The solution A virtual city

The solution is an active escape room with a playful edge. In the escape room puzzles are solved that highlight measures to keep the virtual city dry. The participants must answer various questions about climate change and the threat of water as quickly as possible. The answers? They can be found in the puzzles. 

The game is played online in different teams. In real time the teams compete for the best time and thus for winning the game. Fight the Floods is an activating and playful game that pays attention to cooperation, learning about sustainable issues and taking action.

The result Substantive and unifying

The online climate escape was developed on Raccoon’s digital escape room platform. This allows us to host the game ourselves and support the various teams with personal hints. Each team member receives an individual code which allows them to log into the game room. In this room, the host can check if everyone is present, after which you will start.

The game takes place in a fictional city. This city is located directly next to the North Sea and is therefore looking for a way to become more sustainable and to protect the city against the threat of water. In a playful manner, the participants get to work with themes such as circular economy, sustainable energy, and water drainage. The game is substantive, surprising and unifying. In addition, it invites active collaboration. (Digital) teambuilding, but with a serious side. 

Do you want to work on your (digital) team spirit?

Team building is extremely important. Especially now that we mainly work digitally, it is important to be able to work well together with your colleagues and to learn to communicate again.

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