Middle school students discover their technical talent

Students of preparatory secondary vocational education like to be active, and are soon thinking about their future. At a young age they already choose their next education. Do you want to give technology a prominent place in the curriculum of your students? Start working together with the Beta&Tech Experience and help develop the technical talent of the future. 


Engineering escape room



Number of participants

16 students per escape room adventure


Strong Engineering Education, preparatory secondary vocational education engineering, technical development & installations


Technical trajectory with multiple points of contact


Now available for school year 2020-2021

Learning objective: introduce students to technology in an interactive way, and to all the talents that they themselves possess

The question Experience and discover technology

The technical intake in preparatory secondary vocational education and post-secondary vocational education is lagging behind. How do we stimulate the interest in technology among second-year students of preparatory secondary vocational education? That was the question posed during a challenge by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on strong technical education. Raccoon submitted a plan for a technology experience including an exciting escape room. We think it is very important to introduce young people to technology. The plan was selected from 87 applications, and we got to work!

In the Beta&Tech Experience, students actively engage with their own talents and the versatility of technology. In addition, they are taken through an exciting story and given a sustainable mission. Will they manage to keep the innovative and sustainable Alvara House from falling prey to the storm?

The solution Beta&Tech Experience

We developed an exciting escape room with an accompanying teaching package. In it, students get to work actively with technology. Along the way, they learn about the versatility of technology and become more confident about their own talents. Are they good at laying water pipes, for example, or are they better at managing their team in order to reach the solution in the fastest way?

Experience the versatility of engineering and discover your talents    
The goal of the Beta&Tech Experience is to bring together different technical domains in an escaperoom suitable for second year high-school students. In it, the following technical domains are covered: 

  • Installation technology – repairing water- and air treatment and connecting green power
  • Construction – the safe construction of houses, insulation and masonry
  • Mechatronics and metal engineering – controlling and repairing robots
  • Process engineering – measuring and adjusting equipment and making quality measurements

No dry matter By deliberately choosing these technical domains, the students get a complete experience. They come into contact with the important aspects and processes of technology, but in an appealing way. No dry matter or books, but working together on a technical mission.

Total programme for technical talent development

The escape room is not the only thing the students will be offered during the Beta&Tech Experience. Besides the escape room, there is a teaching programme, and we host inspiration sessions with local partners. Here, students are introduced to technology and discuss what ‘technology’ is. 

In the lesson programme preceding the escape room, they discover their own talents and those of their teammates. Afterwards, they reflect on their cooperation in the escape room and explore professions that match their interests and talents. 

The result The House of Alvara

The Alvara House is the house of the future. Durable and full of innovations.
But… a huge storm is coming and the house is in danger. The only ones who can protect the house (and the innovative technology) from enormous storm damage are the students. In teams, they have twenty minutes to complete all the tasks and thus protect the house from the strong winds. 

In those twenty minutes, the students get to work with technology that is obvious, such as water boilers, but also with building a sustainable water network. Of course, they also have to work together, and it is important to work systematically as a team. All kinds of points that are important in secondary school, but also when they eventually start working in the field. 

Pioneer of innovation in education
Raccoon is one of the initiators of the Beta&Tech Experience Foundation. To create this experience, we have set up a collaboration with 13 parties from the government, business, and education. In the coming years, the Beta&Tech Experience will be travelling through the Netherlands, with priority going to strong technical education regions in the provinces of Noord-Holland and Flevoland.

Do you want to strengthen the technical talent of students?

We are happy to discuss the use of The House of Alvara at your school. Please contact us for more information. Would you like to work with your students in a different way? We are happy to share a cup of coffee to discuss the possibilities. 

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