Recruiting and onboarding

Effective onboarding with serious gaming

A lot comes your way when recruiting for the right staff, as well as facilitating a pleasant and effective onboarding. This is also the ideal time to introduce (new) employees to the core values of the company. These are all great challenges when welcoming new colleagues!

In an age of information overload, traditional forms of knowledge transfer are ineffective. Presentations, long brochures or classroom training are dusty and focused on sending information. The result: Knowledge does not stick and the urgency is not felt. That can be done differently!

How can you use games?

To create awareness

We create a game environment in which you are introduced to new themes in a playful way. From climate adaptation to onboarding.

To have a conversation

In games you display human behavior rather than socially desirable behavior. We bring abstract theory alive and open up the conversation.

Gegrepen door de inhoud

To activate

In a serious game, the participant plays the leading role in the learning process. Games are a very effective and activating form of learning.

The results of serious gaming

We believe that recruiting and onboarding new staff requires a new approach to communication. A process of less ‘sending’ and more doing!

Information sticks

70% of what we actively experience, we remember.

High return on investment

Learning through serious gaming is both time- and cost effective.

High five
It strengthens your team

With interactive and cooperative
serious games you strengthen the team spirit.

Relevant cases

From facilitating good onboarding to providing insight and making core values your own. View some solutions with which we support recruiting and onboarding below.

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