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Combating climate change requires a new way of thinking. How can I as an individual or as a company make a contribution? In the serious escape game “Fight the Floods”, participants get to work on this. Game elements include the circular economy, and the generation of sustainable energy. Watch the video below for an impression of the game.

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Serious escape room


Government, business

Number of participants

3-5 participants per team

(up to 250 people simultaneously)



Climate change, sustainability, circular economy & sustainability


45-90 minutes



Learning objective: playful introduction to climate change themes, and to experience which decisions are needed in order to combat climate change together

The question From thinking to doing

Sustainability is a theme that we all need to work on. Every organization, every person. The problem is that the theme can sometimes feel far away, or as something that people don’t always feel the same way about. What exactly does sustainability mean?

We received the question from the Client Forum in Construction and Rijkswaterstaat: how can we get 125 top managers to take action together for climate change? And can we create a serious game that can then be used by many more organizations? These questions made us very enthusiastic, because there is nothing we like more than to contribute to a positive boost towards a more sustainable world.

The solution Changing how you think

Fight the Floods is an exciting and challenging physical escape room. During the game, groups of five people play a path to lowering the water level of the North Sea. Because… the arrival of a heavy storm combined with a rising sea level threatens the country. By taking a step-by-step approach to sustainability, this complex task becomes manageable. 

To achieve a change in thinking, we use the motto: “the interaction is the message”. In short, we determine in advance what we want to achieve with the player. In this case, by taking many small steps together, a large and complex problem such as climate change can be tackled. Cooperation is crucial. We translate this message into interactions in the game so that they will stick with the players the best.

The result Scaled up awareness

With Fight the Floods, Raccoon Serious Games transforms any room, office or hall into an exciting escape room about sustainability. This escape game is suitable for groups from 50 people up to a maximum of 250 players. Depending on the requirements, the game takes 45 to 90 minutes.

The game is divided into two phases in which the players first get acquainted with the various topics by means of puzzles. After successful completion of the puzzles it is time to put the theory into practice with large physical objects. Participants build dikes, solar panels and see the water level getting lower.

This game has already been played by 5,000+ players from organizations such as Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail, ING, ABN AMRO, Fugro, Brink Groep and many others. Does your organization dare to take on this challenge? Get in touch.

Do you want to work on sustainability?

Do you want to work on sustainability? Or do you have another important topic for which you want to enthuse people? We are happy to think along with you. From personalizing an existing solution to a tailor-made game.

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