Students get acquainted with a law firm

To recruit new talent, many law firms in the Netherlands are looking for law students as interns and future employees. Now that the in-house days mostly take place online, it’s very important for the firms to stay distinctive for the students. Dirkzwager, located in Arnhem, is one of the Netherlands’ most prominent law firms. They are also constantly busy recruiting new talent. To keep the attention of the law students, Dirkzwager and Raccoon Serious Games developed a unique and creative experience. In the online escape room ‘Dirkzwager, Unknown territory’, players get virtually acquainted with the law firm.

dirkzwager intro


Online escape room


Law firms

Number of participants

3 to 5 participants per group


Recruitment, law students


0.5 – 1 hour



Learning goal: Getting to know the atmosphere and activities of Dirkzwager.

The question Coming in contact with students

Dirkzwager is a prominent law firm in the Netherlands. The organization characterizes itself through the personal treatment of clients. Internally. The informal climate adds to this. Employees are on all levels personally connected and like to take the time for a cup of coffee together and a Friday afternoon drink. To recruit new talent, Dirkzwager, just like other top companies, fishes in the same pool of law students as interns or future employees. Online and offline company days are very important events for talented students to get acquainted with their organization.

The law firm wanted to create a unique and creative experience to grab the attention of students. The goal is to give law students a unique and challenging experience, which will both show the work the firm provides, as well as the atmosphere at Dirkzwager. The focus lies on a positive association with the employer brand. This new and activating experience is part of a recruitment campaign to recruit students for internships and jobs. It is our job to develop this unique and creative experience.

The solution Online atmosphere tasting


In our own platform M.O.R.S.E. , we have created an online escape room. With this platform we are able to quickly and flexibly create a new online experience for a variety of purposes. By disguising this platform as Dirkzwager’s online work portal, players get the opportunity to take a look in the kitchen of the law firm. During the game, grouped players will come across challenges that reflect the work of the law firm while also giving them a taste of the atmosphere. Think about completing the message of informal communication between co-workers.

Presenting the escape game as an online work portal creates more immersion. Here you are physically present in a non-physical world. While other escape games only tend to be themed, this game the world the players experience is central.

Unknown territory Dirkzwager

The result A unique view on the law firm

The online escape room will be used during recruitment events to recruit law students and get them acquainted with Dirkzwager. Because ‘in-house’ days are currently not possible offline, this game offers a digital alternative. When in-house days are possible again, people can still play this game on location.

Players came across many challenges, like filling in memos and searching for important articles. After this pleasant acquaintance with law firm Dirkzwager, players will go “home” full of energy.

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